10 Best Free Online Chess Websites You Can Play Now

A pawn can be promoted to a queen, rook, bishop, or knight if it is successfully advanced to the other side of the board. Since a king can never be placed on a square where it can be captured, two kings can never be placed on adjacent squares. You can’t move your king into a space where it can get captured during the next turn. In other words, you cannot intentionally move your king into check.

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You can also review historic games in the site’s library, or browse the community forum to look for information about the site or game. It’s an open-source server, so there are no ads or premium paywalls, and you can access the site online or via its iOS and Android apps. You can play games against a friend or AI, or choose to participate in Swiss tournaments, daily or monthly Arena tournaments, or Simultaneous exhibitions. If you’re a beginner, you can jump in with Lichess’ Chess Basics feature, try your hand at a variety of puzzles, practice and study, or even hire an expert chess coach. Basic membership is free and lets you play unlimited real-time and correspondence-style games, and participate in forums. The three premium plans range from $2.42-$8.25 per month and get you access to additional features like unlimited puzzles and lessons, game reports and analysis, and unlimited video library access.


Although we are a chess-teaching company, our focus is not chess;it is on the PERSON that plays chess. We use chess as a tool for self-improvement, developing one's mental power, and cultivating the psychology of a champion. The Week in Chess is an electronic magazine covering the games and results from current international chess events by Mark Crowther. Announcement area – above the control buttons, there is a stripe in which various information (e.g. challenges from other users, draw offers etc.) is displayed to the user. So if a dating app was created by a woman you'd probably be jealous and pissed off heh?

So if you're cheering your favorite grandmaster, this is going to be very thrilling for you. They are going to show you every move made in real-time. In the past, you'd have to collect books to study the great games of the past. Players also have ratings here, so you have an idea of how strong your opponent is.

At some point I got very fanatic about it and played in lots of tournaments. I originally started this blog in 2009 to give Ennis Chess Club a web presence something the club needed at the time. While providing coverage and information about chess in Ennis and the Munster/Connaught areas in particular it also provides commentary on national and international chess news. One of the most highly acclaimed and frequented chess sites on the world wide web. Our mission is to provide high quality, freely accessible chess content to the chess playing community. Play against computer – in case you do not want to play against human opponent, you have the option to play chess against computer.

Those looking for some noncompetitive study can learn through puzzles and tutorials, or watch chess livestreams and even find a mentor. The one thing that stymies your explorations on the site is a subscription paywall, which pops up in various places more serious players might wander, such as the opening explorer. You can still play as many games as you like without paying, whether against the computer or actual humans. When playing chess online there is never a need to make any payment, you can always play for free, the best chess websites above all offer the option of free online play.

Like chess, dating requires a strategy and an end goal. If you approach the game with carelessness, you will end up making the wrong moves and left defeated. In chess, your goal is to protect your King, while capturing your opponents. In dating, your goal may be to protect your heart while winning over someone else’s, but you need to be even more clear on how you want the game to end. The good doctor is generally kind enough to blunder away the lead when it gets too far ahead in a game, and the comments often turn your moves into mini-puzzles. (“Can you see what I’m threatening?”) After three complementary games, you’ll be asked to sign up.

In the murky world of online dating, it seems to be one of the least stressful and easiest sites to use. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing. You can refer your friends and make money when they join, read the latest chess news, and talk with other players in the forums. There’s even a merch store, where you can snag all kinds of chess goodies from apparel and DVDS to boards and books. With ICC, you can download a client for your Windows, Mac, Kindle, and Chromebook devices, or through its iOS and Android apps.

Move pieces out of the way if your opponent is going to capture them next turn. Pawn promotion If you move a pawn to the back row on your opponent’s side of the board, it immediately gets promoted to any piece of your choosing . In most cases, it's best to choose to promote to a queen because the queen is the most powerful piece. This way, you can have multiple queens on the board at a time. Move one of your pieces so it can potentially capture your opponent's king during your next turn.

By the number of registered users, is by far the largest online chess site in the world. With options for free play or premium membership packages, it has more users than any other chess website available. Beginning way back in the early days of the internet in 1995, the ICC at is one of the first online chess websites to have been founded. You can experience the same excitement with playing chess online. The best part of playing chess online is that you don't need to have a physical board anymore.

Once that happens, you’ll generally be matched against players who are within a stone’s throw of your skill level. runs in any web browser, but there are also mobile apps for iOS and Android that successfully recreate the experience. Just know that on medium- to small-size phones, you may find it more difficult to scrutinize the board. OnlineChessLessons offers advice for chess players of all level from novice to advanced. Their articles touch many concepts of chess including strategy, opening systems and master games analysis. The site has integration with Twitch, so you can watch chess players from around the world stream without leaving the site.

You are a chess player who has tried a few online chess sites or is thinking of checking some out but have not decided on the best. Subscriptions come in three tiers at $5, $7, and $14 per month, or around half those amounts if you pay for a year upfront. Every tier removes all ads, unlocks every bot, and allows for unlimited use of its game analysis tool in which an AI evaluates every move of your games and suggests alternatives. The middle tier allows unlimited access to the site’s chess puzzles, while the lowest tier allows you 25 puzzles per day. The top tier opens up’s full video library of lessons and game analyses.

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Play real games of chess online with which comes from the fantastic chessbase. can be enjoyed with a free account, but there are options for premium membership, which allows more ways to learn chess and analyzing games. By now, you should have all you need to enjoy online chess to the fullest.